About Us

Wen Way Investments Pte. Ltd. is the real estate investment arm of Global Fortune 500 conglomerate Amer International Group. The company, an independent one domiciled in Singapore, was incorporated in 2012 to facilitate regional real estate investment and other real estate related business.

The Group

Amer International Group is a Global Fortune 500 company and a leading Chinese conglomerate with diversified interests in the integrated value chain of copper (from upstream mining assets, to global trading of base metals, to copper wiring and cabling, and further downstream investment in semiconductor and wafer chip manufacturing), real estate development as well as various cultural industries such as rosewood furniture manufacturing, landscaping and gardening and white Chinese jade mining. The group was founded by Mr Wang Wen Yin and to-date has grown to a size of about 15,000 employees spread across its offices around the globe.
Amer group was ranked 387th in the Global Fortune 500 ranking in 2013 and ranked 59th within China’s top 500 enterprises in the same year. The group achieved 295th in the Global Fortune 500 ranking in 2014 and ranked 50th within China’s top 500 enterprises, illustrating the strong growth over the last two decades.